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I’ve been snowboarding for 12 years now and in that time, I’m sad to say, I never learned how to set or adjust my own bindings or stance angle.  I always left this up to my partner or the guys in the shop, and I just took their word for it.  Last year, days before heading to Chamonix, my husband decided it was high time for me to take care of my own gear, so he handed me the screw driver and told me to figure it out for myself.

It’s important to start off on the right footing – so to speak! Begin by taking some time to research the subject and doing some due diligence. You can do this the same way I did it by going online and reading up on snowboarding through the word wide web. Inform yourself properly. Take some time to find out precisely what snowboarding entails. While it can be an exciting sport, giving an adrenalin rush and promising loads of fun, it does have its hazards and potential dangers. Snowboarding is physically demanding and you don’t want to tackle it unless you’re fit and healthy. You’ll be manoeuvring your board up, over and across the slopes and taking jumps – often at speed. This requires endurance and stamina. It would be wise to go and have that medical check-up you’ve been putting off just to be on the safe side.

Snowboarding sunglasses are one of the important snowboarding things which are the one providing protection from having small snow debris to go in the eye as well as UV protection and there is a wide range of sunglasses available in the market today. You should make sure that before going to the slopes, you should have snowboarding sunglasses which would shield your eyes from harsh rays of the sun and also give 100% UV protection.

In order to learn snowboarding quickly and effectively, one should take the help of private instructors. Though taking lessons from a private instructor is more costly than taking lessons from a snowboarding school, one could learn to snowboard quickly as the attention of the instructor will be only on one learner. In a school, the snowboarding course progression depends on the ability of the other people in the group. If some learners are slow to learn, then the whole group has to wait for the slow learners to catch up.

Next thing is to use your iron to melt wax and drip it all around your board’s surface. You do not have to coat the entire board in wax but give it an efficient coating so it can be completely covered. After you have a good amount of melted wax dripped around your board, smooth it out with the iron, making sure to not stay in only one place as you can ruin the board the same as clothes if in one place too long. Make sure the board is completely covered from nose to tail with a wax drip every 1-2 square inches. The smoother the wax is dispersed around the board the easier it will be to scrape off. Now there are a couple methods for scraping the wax off. Some suggest that you start scraping the wax off while it’s still warm and not completely hardened, while some suggest waiting 30 minutes or so for it to harden before scraping. Personally I like to wait for it to harden a little before I start scraping it off.

Cleaning the board is the first important step any snowboarder should take. Grime and dirt are most likely to build up on your board so make sure that you get rid of them at the end of the winter season. The best product to use is a citrus cleaner because it not only takes away dirt but also removes any dead wax from the base. All you have to do is just apply the cleaner and use a clean cloth or rag to get rid of dirt or any residue.

Burton Blunt

Burton Blunt

With respect to the tools and accessories the number of tools that are needed for snowboarding is less than the number that is needed for skiing. A snowboard is the main tool that is required to perform snowboarding. For a beginner, short length boards will be more suitable. The length can be considered as short, when it comes up to the shoulder level of the person. For a people who have moved up from the beginning stage, medium length boards, which will come up to the chin of the person will be suitable. For experienced snowboarders, who have been doing it for more than 2 years, longer snowboards are ideal. The longer snowboards will come up to the nose level of the person.


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