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When looking to buy a high performance helmet for mountain biking, look no further than the Giro Indicator Helmet. Not only is protecting your noggin a high priority, but doing so in an attractive and well ventilated should be too. Giro has engineered this mountain bike helmet with you, the rider in mind. When you take this out and take your first glance at it, you will notice the Acu Dial FIT system and also the EPS liner with polycarbonate shell. Not only that, but you will also see that the visor snaps on for mountain bike use and can be pulled off for use other than riding the trails. After placing this helmet on your head and riding with it for the first time, especially on a hot and humid day, the twenty vents that are strategically placed into this product are there to keep your head cool on those nasty summer days.

I personally own a Giro helmet and even though I don’t own this one, I can see that this product is made to the same standards as the Giro Atmos helmet that I own. If I buy a Giro helmet in the future I will definitely be purchasing a Giro helmet, due to the way these helmets are constructed, the style of them and that they are very comfortable. When I am out mountain biking and also cycling, it is very often that I see other riders wearing helmets made by Giro. Not only do many of my friends and other people that I see own a Giro helmet, but there are many pro cyclists, pro mountain bikers and pro triathletes that choose to wear this brand and you can too!

The Roc Loc feature that you’ll find on helmets made by Giro is one reason why their helmets are held in such high esteem. You will find the Roc Loc feature in many of their helmets such as Ionos, Prolight and Atmos. This feature is designed to ensure the helmet fits optimally around the head of the wearer. This is done by allowing the wear to adjust the buckles and straps located around the chin area of the helmet, allowing for optimal positioning and fitting.

Another feature that you’ll find on Giro helmets that has contributed greatly to their popularity is the wind tunnel technology. Giro has spent a great deal of time and money researching aerodynamics to provide a helmet that has excellent ventilation for those who wear it. The wind tunnel technology is designed to ensure the helmets make use of the external vents on the helmets, which eases the amount of cool air that comes through the internet channels, providing the best kind of ventilation for the wearer.

Giro is not using plastic shell anymore in making the outer shell of their helmets. Instead, Giro uses a process of permeating the polycarbonate shell with the EPS lining to create one structure of a helmet. This is the reason why most Giro helmets are lighter and durable than other brands and models.

It also has the Roc Loc 4 feature, an adjustable strap structure which allows the cyclist to change the adjustment for proper fit and position. Another feature is the In-Mold Technology used for the outer shell. The outer shell is directly molded to the foam lining inside to provide more resistance to impact.

The Atmos Helmet, like most of Giro’s helmets, has also a Wind Tunnel ventilation system works with the internal channels in the helmet to “convert” hot air to cool air and push it inside the helmet. The internal channels found inside the helmet are in charge of facilitating movement of air to provide enough ventilation for the head. This is also why the Atmos Helmet is comfortable and well ventilated.

Another feature of Giro helmets which made them popular is the Wind Tunnel technology. Giro has been spending time and money to research about aerodynamics to create a helmet which provides good ventilation for the cyclist. The Wind Tunnel makes use of the external vents installed on the helmet to ease the entry of cool air through the internal channels to provide better ventilation.

Giro Helmet

Giro Helmet

The only fault that many cyclists are able to identify on these helmets is that the straps that is designed to go around the head or under the chin cannot be adjusted. In fact, many people who own the giro flak helmet have complained that this particular design sits rather low. However, in compensation for the inability to adjust the strap, these helmets comes with an ACU dial system that is designed to keep the helmet positioned safely on the head of the cyclist, without disrupting the wearers ponytail (if they have one). This means that the helmet was designed with the way people would look wearing it, in mind.


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