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Sunglasses and goggles are a very important part of enjoying a winter sports holiday. They protect your eyes against harmful UV rays, impact and keep out the cold. Shatterproof lenses are recommended to protect against impact whilst eyewear that fogs up can be a safety hazard. Other priorities include optical clarity, good contrast (particularly on flat-light days) and of course style. The materials used in their construction should be suitable for use down to -20ºC.

Lenses for goggles have a wide range of features apart from is offered for the goggles. There are all kinds of different lenses for goggles; standard, polarizing, and photochromic lenses offer different options to consider when picking your goggles. If you’re going for the top of the line lenses, consider getting a pair of goggles with photochromic lenses. They change how much light is allowed in depending on how bright it is outside. They’re a great choice if you plan on skiing or boarding all day and late into the evening.

First of all, when you go to the snowboard store, if you already have a helmet or another headgear that you usually wear while snowboarding, when choosing goggles, you should bring it with you because you should try your goggles with it. Also if you are wearing glasses you should make sure that the goggles you choose fit with them. There are different models for that use and they are all called OTG models, which is abbreviated from over the glass. They have extra space, which is especially made to suit your prescribed glasses. Also the store you have chosen should sell goggles that are made only for snowboarding or other ski sports. You should try a couple of snowboarding goggles with your helmet on. You should try them the same way that you are going to be snowboarding and they should fit perfectly to your face. Any hole can cause problems because the wind will go through it. Your goggles should have vents in the sides. So check if they do. They are very important because they are letting some air and this way preventing your goggles from fogging. To be sure, that your goggles are not going to fog up, you can ask for goggles that have double lenses. They do not only prevent the fogging, but they protect your eyes better from the low temperatures. However, these doubles lenses are a lot more expensive. You should also choose goggles that have at least 1 scratch resistant coating. They are very durable sunglasses, but should be chosen correctly and you should exploit them right.

If you have to wear prescription glasses, then you can get your customized prescription goggles or purchase a pair that securely fits over your glasses. While deciding about the color of your lenses, you must remember that yellow or clear lenses are suitable for darker skiing or snowboarding conditions; rosy tint is suitable for medium to low light conditions and yellow, amber or gold are suitable for moderate light conditions. Now-a-days, goggles are available that have inter-changeable lenses, allowing you to choose the correct color of your lenses for current skiing or snowboarding conditions.

Scott Goggles

Scott Goggles

There is a reason that all of the professionals wear goggles; because they work. They stop snow getting into your face from other people on the slope, which is a bargain! Most of the snowboard goggles that you get today have at least two lenses, which helps to stop them from fogging up. On top of this, they are designed specifically to stay clear, which is a bonus when you need all of the eye sight that you can get!

Your next consideration is the colour of the lens. If you are fashion conscious and already have an outfit and helmet in mind, then this will play a part in your decision. The decision about the colour of your ski or snowboarding goggles, must be made on the basis of the conditions you would normally expect to ski or snowboard under. Although you may find there is often some dispute about which colour is best for a certain condition, some companies name their colours differently as well which doesn’t help. Our suggestions are that in darker conditions clear or yellow lenses are useful. If it is a low to medium light, try a rose tint and if a moderate light, amber, gold or yellow as these will filter out the blue light. To improve the contrast in bright conditions, silver and green are a good choice but on a lovely sunny and bright day, straight-forward black lenses won’t distort the colours although you try a blue lens.


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