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One of the most fascinating and thrilling games online is without a shadow of a doubt skateboard games. What makes skateboarding the best is the fact that they can be played with many stunts and tricks, which by the end of it all will make you an expert within a very short period of time. Because of the popularity of skating and the huge demand for skateboard games, not to mention the advancement in technology, today it is possible to find your favorite skateboarding game online, and play it entirely online, and as if that is not enough, play it for free. So if you are bored and want to entertain yourself, or you want to exercise your brains a little, you can rest assured these online games will do the trick for you.

Bloggers and forums have made it very easy to get in touch with a fellow skater to chat about skater things or get some needed knowledge about a game situation. A community of fellow virtual and real life skaters exists on the web to help you. The love of skating binds them together and they are more than willing to help each other out.

With various tricks and gaming skills, learning these skateboard games is very easy and can be mastered all by self. Mastering this game of fun requires practicing which you can easily accomplish at many sites. One such games arcade that simply opens you to a world of entertainment filled with thrill, excitement and fun that is non-stop is what the Skateboarding games Online can do for you. With a number of variants and all easy to learn and play tips, you simply can get a key to the world of fun in here.

Skateboard Game

Skateboard Game

Video and computer games are very popular. People who have never been on a skateboard in their life enjoy playing skateboarding games. The most popular game is the Tony Hawk series. To date, there are over ten games that bear the Tony Hawk name. Nearly every modern gaming system: Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Sony PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC, Mac, Cell Phones – Tony is everywhere.

Loaded Dervish skateboard manages to pull off a great balance between flexibility and durability by manufacturing the dervish out of a vertically laminated bamboo core inside a tri-axle fiberglass and epoxy sandwich. The convex camber when seen from the side allows a rider to compress the board with his weight or downward force without fear of the board biting onto the pavement. It also adds to greater stability and a more lively ride when going in and out of corners or sliding. Loaded Dervish longboard riders have a choice regarding the kind of flexibility they want (Flex 1 which is stiffer or Flex 2 which is more flexible) in order to suit their riding styles and weight. The more flexible board is suitable for those weighing up to one hundred eighty pounds and for those who prefer a more mellow ride. The stiffer board is ideal for those with a more aggressive riding style.

By the light As always it’s darkest before the dawn…and this was no exception in skating. By 1996 things took a turn for the better and skateboarding began to grow favor with the public again. Now was the time for Tony Hawk to take off and never look back! Birdhouse projects was doing well and Tony had decided to start up a kids clothing like named “Hawk Clothing” which was a instant success. In 1999 came one of Hawk’s biggest success stories ever. Teamed up with video game giants “Activision” Tony put out the first in his line of Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games. It was an over night hit with sales far out reaching the hopes of its creators. THPS was followed up with a number of great video game hits in the pro skater series. It was also in this same year that Tony Hawk pulled off the mind blowing 900, a trick never done before, at the newly formed “X-Games” contest.

At age 31 Tony Hawk retired from professional skateboarding. With a staggering number of gold medals, skateboarding firsts and world records Tony had put his efforts into supporting the sport of skateboarding as well as branching into other ventures. Some of which include working with companies like Jeep, Sirius Satellite radio and T mobile, who has even put out a “Tony Hawk side kick”. He currently spends a lot of time working with his charity organization “The Tony Hawk Foundation” a group set up to help out inner city kids and help build skate parks in low income areas to help the kids. The Tony Hawk Foundation has currently distributed over 2 million dollars to non profit organizations.



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