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Snowboard Brands Article

The sport of snowboarding is a growing sport hence the large variety of snowboard brands available. There are literally hundreds of brands that sell snowboards and the related gear and equipment. This rapid increase in snowboard equipment is down to the popularity of the sport at the Olympics and many extreme sports events. It is skiings hip younger brother and the winter cousin of skateboarding so there is no wonder that the amount of brands on offer is likely to be large. This article will list some good snowboard brands and some things to look out for before purchasing a board or other related gear.

Snowboard Brands

Snowboard Brands

Snowboarding is a winter sport many people enjoy. Choosing a snowboard that fits their riding style, yet is durable can be a challenge. It is best to choose a board from the top brands that fit the conditions a person likes to ride in.

Please keep in mind that having a pair of durable snowboard pants is important as the outwear helps to protect your butt and your legs. You can do a lot of flexible acts in an easy manner without getting injured. It will be good for you to get pants from the top brands in the market because the quality of the products is guaranteed. You are recommended to look for Burton, Volcom, DC Sports and Athletes, Roxy and so on. These brands are famous among those snowboarding enthusiasts. If you have free time, you can browse through the official websites of each brand to know more about the products.

Bataleon Snowboarding is synonymous with producing cutting-edge technology so the anticipation for these newly developed bindings is extremely high. These bindings will be released in the new season at the SIA and ISPO so riders and snowboarding brands will have to wait a few months, but the feedback from Bataleon is that these switchback bindings are set to make the same impact as the brands other technology. There official announcements states that they will meet the snowboard binding market head on with a series of patented technology that will put question marks behind the way bindings have been designed up till now.

Possibly the best way to select your snowboard is to try before you buy. As most winter sports equipment is expensive, most snow resorts and ski shops allow people to rent out most of the equipment. You can get pretty much anything you want but the biggest costing equipment, in terms of snowboarding is the board. It makes sense to rent before buying as you can firstly confirm that snowboarding is the sport for you. You can then test out various boards and get a feel for the type of board that is right for you and even the brand.

Take snowboard boots. It’s possible to buy a great pair of cheap snowboard boots for sale with no sacrificing comfort, durability, or good quality. The reality is, you’d most probably be much better off buying a pair produced by a recognizable, reputable brand name such as Burton or K2. Getting a very good brand name pays dividends. They are able to hold up longer and they’re going to feel and look suitable longer. Low cost snowboard boots made from the top brands are high-quality, even when they may be priced extremely low.

The key purpose of Snowboard Pants is similar to any sort of outdoor apparel. To keep a person warm, dry, comfortable as well as protected against scrapes and other outside forces. Almost all snowboarding pants have a waterproof yet breathable outer shell equipped with a thin efficient insulation layer. In some warmer conditions, you can choose to wear the snowboarding pants only but when in colder conditions, it is advisable to wear a base bottom under the snowboarding pants. However, in extreme conditions three layered snowboard pants will be the most comfortable to use.


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