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If you are someone that loves the winter months and the sports that come along with it than you are going to love Snowboard Addiction. For someone that does not have the money to spend on a personal coach this is the program that will teach you all about the sport in the privacy of your own home. This way once you hit the snow you will look like you have been doing this for a long time and not get a person that has no idea of what they are doing. There is a DVD that is made just for beginners so you can learn how to ride a snowboard with confidence for the very first time.

First and foremost, you must purchase gloves that will ensure the warmth of your hands. You can purchase something which has a glove liner or glove shell. This can keep you warm and dry always. You can buy the recommended ones which are made of synthetic based materials or the one which is made of fleece. You can also check the manufacturer’s temperature rating on the gloves. This gives you an idea on the range of temperature that the mitts can handle.

The toe to heal length is about the same as the 09′ boot but, there was a major change in the construction of the sole. The new TM-2 has a skate inspired flat vulcanized (think vans or converse shoes with the white rubber wrap) looking sole, although it’s not actually vulcanized construction. It allows for the liner and your foot to sit a lower and closer to the board than past models, thus reducing the overall volume of the boot. They also added 32’s G2 gel to heal of the sole to help dampen harsh landings and prevent heel bruises.

Snowboard Review

Snowboard Review

The most obvious change in this release, is the addition of snowboarding. While playing with the balance board, the player orientates the device length ways towards the TV. Leaning forwards and back simulates the effect of leaning on the back and front edge of the snowboard, and results in a turn. Additionally, various buttons on the remote and nun-chuck allow you to perform other moves, such as edging, and short turns. Jumping is done by lifting your weight off the board, without allowing your feet to actually leave the board. Turning both the remote and nunchuck 90 degrees onto their sides, puts you into a tucked stance, and increases your speed. I was a little disappointed that this couldn’t also be done by shifting your weight forwards on the board. Overall the controls were good, with or without use of the balance board.

In fact the pro rider Travis Rice’s pro model and Totally Ripper Design are the models that are said to do this the best. I have to agree that the edge is unique to lib tech and the edge does provide that extra sense of control. There is the Jamie Lynn Phoenix model which I have not ridden so I can not review it here.

Buying snowboard pants isn’t just about climates, it’s also about the look. You don’t want your pants to look goofy with the rest of your outfit. Most manufacturer’s tell you whether the pants are baggy or slim fit. This can be found on their product description which is great if shopping online. Other features that may influence your decision are pockets. I love having lot’s of pockets. They are great for storing candy & stuff. Some pants are upgraded with tapped seams and waterproof zippers. Others come with pass holders and air-vents. Vents are needed if your riding in warm climates.


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