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Vacations and trips are a boon in today’s hectic lifestyle. They are fun, enjoyable and help to recharge your energy. Have you ever gone on a trip with your family and been able to store your gear and other essentials easily in your car? If your answer is ‘no’ then Yakima brings to you just what you need: Yakima roof rack box.

What are you waiting for? Why didn’t you get Yakima into your minds the moment mountain bike racks came to your imagination. Is it required to be stated that the Yakima is the trend setter for mountain bike racks which are brought into existence today. This company is operating from Beaverton, Oregon. They are the mark of appreciation as they are continuously improving the standard of mountain bike racks that they supply in the market.

Yakima Roof Rack

Yakima Roof Rack

A roof rack provides convenience and safety, allowing you to safely and easily transport your recreational gear to and from your destination while leaving extra leg room in the cab. High-quality roof racks, the perfect perches for mounting a Thule roof box or Yakima cargo carrier, are typically forged from steel tubing and capable of holding up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight. And, they’re custom designed to work with your particular roof, so there’s no drilling, no welding and no hair pulling required. Roof racks and their companion cargo carriers come complete with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy installation. Plus, they’re finished in a tough powder coating that resists corrosion, providing a long life of reliable wear.

never count plucky little Beaverton, Oregon out. Located in the United States’ Pacific northwest, the new worlds’ final frontier, Beaverton’s population is made up of the descendants of frontiersmen, explorers, pioneers and on-the-lamb criminals seeking solace and a remote place to hide. Founded in 1893, Beaverton is barely a hundred years old, but its colorful history makes it one of Oregon’s most legendary cities. Home to Linux, the legendary open-source operating system (ironically written by a Swedish speaking Finn who relocated to Beaverton) and footwear giant Nike, Beaverton also has what it takes to satiate the world’s thirst for high-quality recreation gear in the form of roof racks and bike racks.

The Yakima Skybox offers an aerodynamic cargo and luggage storage unit, which includes dual-side openings and user friendly installation. The boxes mount directly to round crossbars developed by Yakima, while also connecting to virtually all factory roof racks and Thule crossbars.

Many people are creative minded and prefer artistic designs. If you are one among them then the very uniquely and artistically designed Sprocket rocket rack by Yakima will be your best bet. Hold down, don’t think it might be expensive because it cost you something around only one hundred and fifty dollars or so. It has a cutting edge fork mount roof top rack which has pretty unique design. Not just that the new version can accommodate any type of mountain bike of today. The bikes which have disk brakes can also be accommodated easily. The wheel trays make it more comfortable so that it can be sliding front to rear end of the bike and you can carry bikes of different lengths.

The roof is a great place to mount equipment because it doesn’t block any windows which means your gear isn’t blocking your line of sight. First things first, you’ll need a base rack. Most cars lack any sort of roof rails, so you’ll need a full base rack setup; towers, crossbars, and mounts. SUV’s, wagons, and maybe even some hatchbacks usually have roof rails pre-installed from the factory, which means you don’t need the towers. If this is the case, you will need crossbars that connect the roof rails together. Again, some SUV’s and wagons come with these and some do not, but don’t fret if your vehicle lacks crossbars because Yakima and Thule make a set that will adapt to your vehicles factory roof rails. If you do have crossbars, then you’re a step ahead and you have one less piece to buy. Now it’s up to you to choose the mount for your equipment: kayak, bike, ski, snowboard, surfboard, or cargo carrier. If you have a truck, Thule and Yakima also make a great cargo carrying rack kit that attaches to your truck bed and mounts your equipment above the roof line, giving you tons of room to store all your gear! If you are a truck owner and bike enthusiast, Yakima also makes a truck bed mounted bike rack that holds two bikes safely and securely below the roof line of your truck.

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